Salt & Sanctuary

Salt & Sanctuary Bingo Card

This bingo card has a free space and 172 words: Starting Class - Knight, Starting Class - Mage, Starting Class - Paladin, Starting Class - Thief, Starting Class - Chef, Starting Class - Cleric, Starting Class - Pauper, Starting Class - Hunter, Level 30 Dex, Level 30 Strength, Level 30 Magic, Level 30 Wisdom, Join Creed - The Three, Join Creed - Devara's Light, Join Creed - The Iron Ones, Join Creed - The Stone Roots, Join Creed - Keepers of Fire and Sky, Join Creed - The House of Splendor, Join Creed - Order of the Betrayer, Weapon Challenge - Daggers Only, Weapon Challenge - Swords Only, Weapon Challenge - Axes Only, Weapon Challenge - Whips Only, Weapon Challenge - Poleaxes/Reapers Only, Weapon Challenge - Spears Only, Weapon Challenge - Bows/Crossbows Only, Weapon Challenge - Pistols Only, Weapon Challenge - Wands/Staves Only, Dart Brand, Vertigo Brand, Shadowflip Brand, Hardlight Brand, Redshift Brand, Light Armor Only, Heavy Armor Only, Challenge - Magic Only, Challenge - Iron Pot Only, Challenge - Oar Only, Challenge - Naked, Challenge - No Blocking, Challenge - No Healing, Effects - Red Shards, Effects - Amber Idol, Effects - Grasping Ring, Effects - Crystal Sphere, Salvation Ending, Dominion Ending, Reach Devotion Level 2 In Any Creed, Reach Devotion Level 3 In Any Creed, Reach Devotion Level 5 In Any Creed, Collect Bag of Earth, Collect Bone Key, Collect Bronze Key, Collect Cellar Key, Collect Fortress Key, Collect Green Key, Collect Jagged Key, Collect Mossy Key, Collect Sanctuary Key, Collect Spiked Key, Take Sanctuary in The Shivering Shore, Take Sanctuary in The Festering Banquet, Take Sanctuary in The Bandit's Pass, Take Sanctuary in The Village of Smiles, Take Sanctuary in The Watching Woods, Take Sanctuary in The Sunken Keep, Take Sanctuary in The Castle of Storms, Take Sanctuary in Mal's Floating Castle, Take Sanctuary in The Red Hall of Cages, Take Sanctuary in Cran's Pass, Take Sanctuary in Hager's Cavern, Take Sanctuary in The Mire of Stench, Take Sanctuary in The Far Beach, Take Sanctuary in The Dome of the Forgotten, Take Sanctuary in The Ziggurat of Dust, Take Sanctuary in The Ruined Temple, Take Sanctuary in The Pitchwoods, Take Sanctuary in Siam Lake, Take Sanctuary in The The Blackest Vault, Take Sanctuary in The Salt Alkymancery, Take Sanctuary in The Crypt of the Dead Gods, Take Sanctuary in The Still Palace, Transmute an Item, Talk to Black Sands Sorcerer, Talk to Catmerch, Talk to Boatman, Talk to Despondent Thief, Talk to Luna Sage, Talk to Fern, Talk to Princess, Talk to The Candlelit Lady, Talk to Old Man, Talk to Alde Griggs, Talk to Minty Skell, Talk to Mad Jester, Talk to Masterless Knight, Talk to Nomad, Talk to The Mirekeeper, Access Dev Shopkeeper, Defeat The Sodden Knight, Defeat The Queen of Smiles, Defeat The Kraekan Cyclops, Defeat The Mad Alchemist, Defeat The False Jester, Defeat The Kraekan Wyrm, Defeat The Tree of Men, Defeat The Disemboweled Husk, Defeat That Stench Most Foul, Defeat The Untouched Inquisitor, Defeat The Third Lamb, Defeat The Dried King, Defeat The Bloodless Prince, Defeat The Coveted, Defeat Carsejaw the Cruel, Defeat The Witch of the Lake, Defeat The Unskinned, Defeat Kraekan Dragon Skourzh, Defeat The Nameless God, Defeat The The Unspeakable Deep, Defeat Murdiella Mal, Defeat The Ronin Cran, Defeat The Forgotten Kings, Acquire 3 Spells, Acquire 3 Incantations, Acquire 3 Prayers, Acquire Bloodflower Charm, Acquire Goldenstone Charm, Acquire Impen's Charm, Acquire Lantern Charm, Acquire Mireheart Charm, Acquire Mossy Charm, Acquire Pale Charm, Acquire Redhair Charm, Acquire Saper Charm, Acquire Shroud Charm, Acquire Silversalt Charm, Acquire Stone Charm, Acquire Templar's Charm, Acquire Vile Charm, Acquire Voracious Charm, Acquire Whistlebone Charm, Acquire Bandaged Ring, Acquire Bloodflower Ring, Acquire Bloodluster's Ring, Acquire Brightcoral Ring, Acquire Burning Sky Ring, Acquire Charged Ring, Acquire Conduit of Mind, Acquire Crystalmoat Ring, Acquire Dancing Ring, Acquire Defender's Ring, Acquire Faithful Ring, Acquire Fused Metal Ring, Acquire Golenstone Ring, Acquire Grasping Ring, Acquire Impen Crest Ring, Acquire Kismet Stone, Acquire Link of Fire and Sky, Acquire Mending Bandaged, Acquire Mossy Ring, Acquire Plated Ring, Acquire Relentless Ring, Acquire Ring of Brilliance, Acquire Ring of Meditation, Acquire Salt Seeker's Ring, Acquire Shroud Ring, Acquire Sparkling Ring, Acquire Storm Ring, Acquire Symbol of Affluence, Acquire Trickster's Band, Acquire Vile Vines Ring and Acquire Wrapped Link.

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