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Tip: If you want your game to last longer (on average), add more words/images to it.

Books Galore Bingo!
Anti- Government Remarks Griping Senior Tries To Come In After Close Wrong Direction To Bathroom Don Brings In Odd Item
Someone Is Here Before Open Jacob Says Actor/Movie Title Wrong Brings in Harlequin Novels Children Running Around Unattended "You were closed on Monday"
Senior Says Something Racist Doesn't Help Bring In Their Books FREE Jerry's Brother Says A One Liner "Do you work here?"
Jacob Asks If Mitch Has A Girlfriend Person Smells Bad "Is John Here?" Asks To Buy Decoration Tells Long Winded Story
Someone Messes Up The Bathroom Brings Johnstone Or L'amour Sketchy Person Wants Cash Tries To Donate Leftover Books Talks To Them self

This bingo card has the words: Jacob Says Actor/Movie Title Wrong, Griping Senior, Sketchy Person Wants Cash, "Is John Here?", Brings in Harlequin Novels, "Do you work here?", Don Brings In Odd Item, "You were closed on Monday", Senior Says Something Racist, Jerry's Brother Says A One Liner, Someone Messes Up The Bathroom, Person Smells Bad, Someone Is Here Before Open, Jacob Asks If Mitch Has A Girlfriend, Wrong Direction To Bathroom, Tells Long Winded Story, Anti- Government Remarks, Asks To Buy Decoration, Doesn't Help Bring In Their Books, Children Running Around Unattended, Talks To Them self, Brings Johnstone Or L'amour, Tries To Come In After Close, Tries To Donate Leftover Books

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