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Work Maturity Skills
Expresses job concerns appropriat Organizes work Cooperates with Supervisor Maintains time card Listens to directions
Exhibits proper behavior when un-supervise Commun-icates Accurately Dresses appropriate for work site Cooperates with co-workers Adapts to change in routine
Seeks assistance when necessary Takes care of tools and equipment FREE! Organizes time schedule Has good hygiene and grooming
Accepts constructive criticism Maintains punctuality Completes work thoroughly Separates personal issues from work Shows initiative
Reports absences or if late Addresses supervisor correctly Follows directions Stays on task Observes safety rules

This bingo card has the words: Cooperates with Supervisor, Cooperates with co-workers, Commun-icates Accurately, Addresses supervisor correctly, Seeks assistance when necessary, Expresses job concerns appropriat, Accepts constructive criticism, Adapts to change in routine, Observes safety rules, Reports absences or if late, Maintains punctuality, Maintains time card, Has good hygiene and grooming, Takes care of tools and equipment, Listens to directions, Follows directions, Stays on task, Shows initiative, Organizes time schedule, Organizes work, Separates personal issues from work, Completes work thoroughly, Dresses appropriate for work site, Exhibits proper behavior when un-supervise

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