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Smash Bingo Card

This bingo card has 123 words: Beat 3 Viewers, Beat 5 Viewers, Beat 3 Viewers with RANDOM ONLY, Beat 5 Viewers with RANDOM ONLY, Win a 2v2 vs Viewers w/ a Viewer, Win 3 2v2s vs Viewers w/ a Viewer, Get a 0-Death, Win a match with Solo JoyCon (Online), No Running, No Up-B Recovery, No Up-B AT ALL, Wait 3 Seconds before attacks, Win While playing Smash RPG, Take All Stocks with Special Moves, Footstool an opponent, Get a Star KO, Lose 5 Matches with Yoshi, Successfully land w/ 3 Smash Attacks in a row, Take 1 stock without moving (Smash attacks okay), Win a Spectator Bet, Win 2/3 Spectator Bets, Win 3 Spectator Bets in a row, Win an Online Tournament, Get to Semi-Finals in an Online Tournament, Win one match in an Online Tournament, Finish a Classic Run at level 1, Finish a Classic Run at Level 5, Finish a Classic Run at Level 9, Deathless Classic Run, Get a KO in Cruel Smash, Win a 100 Man Smash, Get 20 KOs in Endless Smash, Beat an Advanced Spirit from the Spirit Board, Beat a Legendary Spirit from the Spirit Board, Beat an Advanced Spirit WITHOUT using a Spirit, Beat a Legendary Spirit with a Novice Spirit, Land a Meteor Smash, Take all stocks with Meteor Smashes, Win a match without Standard Attacks, Win a match without Special Attacks, Win a match without using "Grab", Win a match without using "Block", Win a game without jumping (Online), Win a game with only tilt attacks (Online), Win without Smash attacks, Win without using aerial attacks, Win a game within 2 minutes, Win while only attacking in the 1st half of a minute, Take all stocks with throw attacks (Online), Self Destruct one stock & win a game (Online), Self Destruct two stocks and win a game (Online), Win a 1v2 match VS Level 9 Random CPUs, Win a 1v3 match VS Level 6 Random CPUs, Win a 2v2 match w/ a Lv5 CPU VS Level 9 Random CPUs, Win a 150/300hp Stamina Battle vs a Level 9 Random CPU, Win two games with a Twitch Chat voted character (Online), Win a game by taking stocks while over 100% damage (Online), Attack ONLY after getting a Perfect Shield 1st, and win (Online), SD after damage is over 100%, and win (Online), Get 1 Win (Online), Get 2 Wins in a row (Online), Get 3 wins in a row (Online), Get 5 wins (Online), Get 7 Wins (Online), Get 9 Wins (Online), Get 1 Win with Random (Online), Get 2 Wins with Random (Online), Get 3 Wins with Random (Online), Win a FFA (Online), Win a FFA w/ a Random Character (Online), Fight Like An Anime Character, Freestyle while playing ABOUT the game (Online), Get a cape KO w/ Mario (Online), Take a stock with cargo throw nonsense w/ DK (Online), Get a Spin Attack KO w/ Link (Online), Win without Charge Shot w/ Samus/Dark Samus (Online), Break a shield w/ Yoshi (Online), Inhale an enemy 3 times w/ Kirby (Online), Reflect 3 projectiles w/ Fox or Falco (Online), Get Thunder KOs twice w/ Pikachu (Online), Fire Jump Punch an Opponent Twice w/ Luigi (Online), Win WITHOUT PK Fire w/ Ness (Online), Hit Falcon Punch OR Knee of Justice 3 times w/ Capt. Falcon (Online), Hit Rest once w/ Jigglypuff (Online), Pull Mr. Saturn or Bob-omb w/ Peach (Online), LOL Daisy (Free Space), Bowsercide once AND WIN w/ Bowser (Online), Twitch Chat Challenge w/ Ice Climbers (Online), Just win w/ Sheik LOL (Online), Get a Farore's Wind KO w/ Zelda (Online), Get 3 Up-Smash KOs w/ Dr. Mario (Online), Win a game with at least 2 stocks w/ Pichu (Online), Break a shield w/ Marth/Lucina (Online), Take a stock without projectiles w/ Young Link (Online), Ganoncide w/ Ganon (Online), Hit Confusion twice w/ Mewtwo (Online), Get one Flare Blade KO w/ Roy/Chrom (Online), Land a Judgement 9 w/ G&W (Online), Get a Dimensional Cape KO w/ Meta Knight (Online), Gimp someone with arrows from Pit/Dark Pit (Online), Get a Flip Jump Meteor Smash w/ ZSS (Online), Get a Waft KO w/ Wario (Online), Get a C4 KO w/ Snake (Online), Get an Eruption KO w/ Ike (Online), Take a stock with each Pokemon (Online), Get a Rocket Barrel KO w/ Diddy Kong (Online), Hit with PK Thunder 2 three times w/ Lucas (Online), Get a KO with Spindash or Homing Attack w/ Sonic (Online), Get a KO with Up-B w/ King Dedede (Online), Win without Pikmin with Olimar (Online), Get 2 Force Palm KOs w/ Lucario (Online), Get a Gyro KO w/ R.O.B. (Online), Get a Dair KO w/ Toon Link (Online), Get a Wolf Flash Spike w/ Wolf (Online), Get a Tree or Axe KO w/ Villaager (Online), Get an Up-Tilt KO w/ Megaman (Online), (Wii Fit Trainer), Get a KO without Luma w/ Rosalina (Online), Only use standard attacks w/ Little Mac (Online), Hit with Substitute twice w/ Greninja (Online), (Mii Fighters), Use only special moves with Palutena (Online) and Take two stocks with different fruits w/ Pac-Man (Online).

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With players vying for a you'll have to call about __ items before someone wins. There's a __% chance that a lucky player would win after calling __ items.

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