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Holiday Who's Who
Never having kids Has zany holiday traditions (they have to tell you about them!) Doesn’t drink hot cocoa From Missouri Hates the snow
Drives a Porsche Is from Michigan Hangs a wreath every year Favorite drink: eggnog latte Undergrad degree: Justice Studies
Does all of the cooking for the winter holidays Has lived in Oregon *Free!* Been to Portland, OR Has been to Washington state
Doesn’t like Elf Loves the snow Went to Pepperdine Has visited Canada Went to NAU
Owns a pet other than a dog, a cat, or fish Studied or worked in any science field Undergrad degree: Political Science Makes homemade crafts and decorations for the holidays Went to Wheaton College

This bingo card has the words: Hates eggnog, Eggnog is their fav drink, Spent the holidays abroad, Has never traveled for the holidays, Is a veteran, Has grandchildren, Has granddaughter, Has grandson, Arizona native, Not from Arizona, Lived abroad, Has never left the continental U. S., Doesn’t live in an HOA, Hasn’t seen The Polar Express, Has owned a BB gun, Has never seen the movie, A Christmas Story, Hangs their own holiday lights, Favorite season: winter, Can’t wait for winter to end, Loves fruit cake, Has never tried a fruit cake, Favorite drink: gingerbread latte, Favorite drink: eggnog latte, Favorite drink: peppermint mocha, Spent the holidays in Hawaii, Has seen Krampus, Prefers eggnog to hot cocoa, Has been in the HOA industry for more than 10 years, Has been in the HOA industry for less than 1 year, Doesn’t like candy canes, Loves candy canes, Has a gingerbread house tradition, Has never made gingerbread cookies or houses, Decorates their house for winter, Doesn’t decorate their house for any holiday, Loves gingerbread cookies, Hasn’t seen Frosty the Snowman, Doesn’t drink hot cocoa, Doesn’t like Elf, Thinks Elf is the greatest winter holiday movie, Has been in New York for the winter holidays, Has brought home a pet for the holidays, Doesn’t own any pets, Dresses up their pets for any holiday, Thinks Die Hard is a Christmas movie, Thinks Batman Returns is a Christmas movie, Thinks Trading Places is a Christmas movie, Thinks Gremlins is a Christmas movie, Watches Harry Potter movies during winter, Has never seen any Harry Potter movies, Hangs a wreath every year, Has scored par, Never skied, Never snowboarded, Never skied or snowboarded, Skier, Snowboarder, Has snowshoed, Has never been on a mountain, Has been to Washington state, Is from Washington state, Owns a ski jacket or pants, Lived somewhere with snowy winters, Built a snowman/ snowwoman/ snowetc., Never ice-skated, Ice skates every year, Has ice skated on a frozen body of water (lake, river, pond, etc), Has hit a hole-in-one in Mini Putt, Never played a game of golf, Has driven a golf cart, Has never driven a golf cart, Has spent a considerable amount of time near or on golf courses, but has never played, Has never been on a golf course, Owns a set of golf clubs, Played a sport growing up, Has spent the winter holidays in the snow, Has slipped and fell on ice!, Has never had a snowball fight, Makes homemade fudge for the winter holidays, Doesn’t like fudge, Makes homemade crafts and decorations for the holidays, Sends holiday cards every year, Never sends holiday cards, Quote the film, Elf, Elsa from Frozen is their or their kid’s favorite Disney character, December birthday, January birthday, February birthday, Has a kid with a winter birthday, Tried butter beer, Hates the snow, Grew up in the North (East, Midwest, or West), Has lived in Texas, Is from Michigan, Is from Minnesota, Has lived in Oregon, Has visited Canada, Has never seen a penguin in real life, Decorates holiday sugar cookies yearly, Loves the snow, Has spent a holiday break at a ski lodge, Buys/makes cinnamon-scented pine cones, Visits family out-of-state for the holidays, Travels to visit family in-state for the holidays, Has never seen snow in person, Thinks 70 degrees is plenty cold, Volunteers for any cause during winter, Loves soup, Hates soup, Owns a pair of fuzzy socks, Owns a heated blanket, Wishes they grew up somewhere with a snowy winter, Watches ABC Family holiday movies during winter, Prefers Thanksgiving food over winter holiday food, Prefers winter holiday food over Thanksgiving food, Halloween is their favorite holiday, They would take 120 degrees over 40 degrees any day, Has zany holiday traditions (they have to tell you about them!), Never sets New Year’s resolutions, Always sets New Year’s resolutions, Celebrates New Year’s Eve with champagne!, Does all of the cooking for the winter holidays, Does none of the cooking for the winter holidays, Loves cooking, Has created their own recipes for winter holidays, Enjoys baking treats for the holidays, Believes winter is a time for indulgence!, Is good at wrapping presents, Their gift wrapping skills are non-existent, Went to University of Arizona, From Alaska, Drives a Porsche, Has their own boat, Went to Baylor, Went to NAU, Went to Wheaton College, Been to Portland, OR, Been to Seattle, WA, Undergrad degree: Political Science, Undergrad degree: Business, Has a Master’s Degree, Undergrad degree: English, Went to ASU, From Massachusetts, Hates pumpkin-flavored things, Doesn’t like sweets, Loves Cheesecake, Lived in Illinois, Lived in Idaho, Lived in California, Lived in New York, Is on the firm bowling league, Spikes their eggnog, Drives a Tesla, Has lived in San Diego, Drives an electric car, Never having kids, Never drinks coffee, Spikes their coffee, Makes homemade desserts, Owns more than 2 pets, Isn’t a Cardinals fan, Lived in Canada, Lived in Connecticut, Worked in the financial industry, drinks energy drinks instead of coffee, Studied or worked in any science field, Went to Pepperdine, Went to Georgetown, Attended school in Michigan, Undergrad degree: Criminal Justice, Undergrad degree: Justice Studies, From Missouri, Loves to read, Tries to spend as much time as possible outside!, Owns a pet other than a dog, a cat, or fish, Loves horses, Traveled to Europe, Traveled to Asia, Traveled to Africa, Traveled to South America, Taken a road-trip around the U.S., Was a Fire Baton Twirler, Does not like Halloween

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