The Future of Amherst College

The Future of Amherst College  Bingo Card

This bingo card has a free space and 1041 words: A apriot, a bird native to northern Massachusetts, A black lab, A character dressed as Emily Dickinson, a couple in pioneer garb, A cross‐gender politically correct robot, A friendly old fashioned iron, of the sort you heat on a, stove, A good dog, A large, mighty‐appearing figure (male or female,, perhaps alternating) with a large purple A on the, shirt/sweater, A moose, A Person in a Tweed Suit, A Poodle, A Purple River Otter, a sea otter, A Silver Fox  (named Shadow), a small calf, a torch, a wolf, Aamherst Aardvarks, Abolitionists, Academics, Aces, Aceʹs, acorns, Adepts, Admiral Jack Amherst, Aesthetes, Air, Akitas, ALBIE, Alces, Alley Oops, Allosaurus, Alpaca, Alphas, Ambassadors, American Marten, amethyst, Amethyst(ʹs), Amethysts, Amherst (Asparagus) Spears, Amherst Aardvark, Amherst Aardvarks, Amherst Aces, Amherst Activists, Amherst Alliance, Amherst Alpacas, Amherst Amethysts, Amherst Amps, Amherst Amsters(Hamsters), Amherst Ants, Amherst Apatasaurus, Amherst Apolegmaʹs, Amherst Argonauts, Amherst Arrows, Amherst Aʹs, Amherst Asparagus/Asparaga/Asparagi, Amherst Athletics, Amherst Aubergines, Amherst Authors, Amherst Beacons, Amherst Blaze, Amherst Blazers, Amherst Bolts, Amherst Brains, Amherst College ʺFROSTʺ, Amherst College ʺFrostsʺ, Amherst College ʺLightʺ, Amherst College Bunkers, Amherst College Centaur, Amherst College Frost, Amherst College Jaegers (Namely the Long‐Tailed, Jaeger), Amherst College Lord Drews/Amherst College Lady, Drews, Amherst College Pioneers, Amherst College River Otters, Amherst College Safe Spacers, Amherst college spirit, Amherst College Students, Amherst College Valley Hawks, Amherst Dinos, Amherst Direwolves, Amherst Dragons, Amherst Dryos, Amherst Eggheads, AMHERST EGOS, Amherst Elk, Amherst Flame(s), Amherst Flames after Terras Irradient (The Amherst, Light), Amherst Foxes, Amherst Friends, Amherst Frost, Amherst Frost, Amherst Frost Bite (name), Jeff the Yeti, (costume/mascot), Amherst Gentlefolk, Amherst Hamster, Amherst Hamsters, Amherst Hawks, Amherst Incandenzas, AMHERST KELLERS, Amherst Light Warriors, Amherst Long Longs, Amherst Lumens/Lumina, Amherst Luminaries (aka the Flames or Rays), Amherst Mammoths, Amherst Mavericks, Amherst McAmherstface, Amherst Merlins, Amherst Moose, Amherst Mousses, Amherst Otters, Amherst Owls, Amherst Patriots, Amherst Pheasant, Amherst Pioneers, Amherst Poets, Amherst Poets or The Poets, Amherst Poineers, Amherst Pride, Amherst Purple, Amherst Purple Frost, Amherst Purple People Eaters, Amherst Purple Storm, Amherst Purple Tide, Amherst Purps, Amherst question mark, Amherst Range, Amherst Raptors, Amherst Rays, Amherst Rocks!, Amherst Royals, Amherst Scholars, Amherst Students, Amherst Sunrays, Amherst Suns, amherst swifts, Amherst Timberwolves, Amherst Trax, Amherst Vaccines, Amherst Valentines, Amherst Zephs, Amir Denzel Hall, Amoebas!, Ampersand, An Abolitionist, An appealing (loveable?) image of the sun in the, school colors, An oak, An Oak Tree ‐‐ the Amherst Mighty Oaks, An owl, preferabbly one indigenous to the area, Androgynous multiethnic humanoid, Animals, Ant or ants, any cetacean (whales of any species‐ eg killer whale,, humpback, right), Any form of PURPLE SCHOLARLY CARTOON, FIGURE named transgenderly, Any spineless animal, anything unique, arbegna, Archeologists, Ardvark, Argonaut, Aristocrats, Armadillos, Arrows, Artemis and Apollo, Artichokes, Artisans, Aʹs, Asparagus, Astronauts, Astronauts (Astros), Athletics, atoms, aubergine (eggplant), Aubergines, Auk, Avatar, Avengers, Axolotl, Badgers, Bald Eagle, Barn Owl, Barney, Barney the Dinosaur, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, Barred Owl, Beacon, Beacons, Bear, Bears, beautiful statute of a partially clothed female, Beaver, bed bugs, Beechers, Beluga Whale, Berks, Big Purple, bileshomtransics, Birches, Black bear, Black Bears, Black Bears, Black Rhino, black squirrel, black squirrels, Blanket, BLAZE, Bluejeans, bobcat, Bodhi, Bonobo, Book & Plow Farm Pigs, Book Worm, Bookworms, Border Collie, Borgdog, British Dogs, Bulldog, Call the Inn, the ʺStudentʺ, or ʺUndergraduate, Innʺ, Calʹs Raccoons!, Cane and Top Hat, Canes, Capybara, Carlo, Cave Bear, Chandler, Chef, Chipmunk, Chipmunks, Chorister, Cider Donut, Cider Donuts, Coatimundi, Cods, Colossi, Comet, Comets, Common Nighthawk, Cools, Corgi, Cougar, coyote, Coyote (w/purple and white stripes), Cranks, Crow, crynt cat, cuttlefish, Darpʹs, ʹDarps, David Foster Wallabies, David Foster Wallace, David Foster Wallace Walrus, Dawgz, Defectors, Defectors of 1821, Dickensons, Dino the dinosaur, Dinos, Dinosaur, Dinosaurs, Dinousaur, Dire Wolf, Dire Wolves, Direwolf, Dobermann, Dog, Doggo, Dogs, Dolphin, Donʹt name one, Dragon, Dragon Hawks, Dragons, Drumlin, Dryosaurus altus, Dual sports mascots ‐ Lord Jeff for men & Sabrinas for, women, Eagle, Eagles, Eastern Chipmunk, Edward Hitchcock, Egg, Elephant, Elk, elk!, Emily Dickinson, Emily Dickinson/Melvil Dewey, Emily Dickinsons, Emily U., Emilys, Ems, Enlightenment, Eor from Winnie the Pooh, Ephs, E‐PLURIBUS UNUM PLURPSICLE, Eubrontes (or ʺEubrosʺ), Eubronts(type of Dinosaur), Eunuch, Falcons, Farmers, Northern Flicker, Female Moose, Field Marshals (or Barons), Fightin Poets, Fightinʹ Poets, Fightinʹ Wombats, Fighting Emily, Fighting Microaggressions, Fighting Moose, Fighting Pheasants, Fighting Poets, Fighting Squirrels, Fire fly, Fireballs, Firedog, Firedogs, Firefly, Fisher Cat, Flame (or ʺFlamesʺ), Flying A, Flying Squirrel, Flying Squirrels, Foreskins, Forest, Fox, Foxes, Friendly version of a nonavian theropod dinosaur, Frost, Frost (Giants)., Frost (like cold), Frost (like frozone dude), Frost (with Cold Miser as the character), Frost Hawks, Frostbite, Frosters, Frosties, Frosts, Frosts & Emilies, Frosty, Frosty the Fox, Garvin, Generica, the agender, asexual humanoid, George Armstrong Custer, George Washington, Giant Sequoia, giraffe, Goat, Goats, Golden Retriever, Grallators, grapes, Gray Squirrel, Great Blue Heron, Grey Fox, Griffin, Ground Squirrels, gryphon, Gryphon (or Griffin), Halberd, Ham, the Amherst Hamster, Hammer and Sickle, HAMSTER, Hamster!!, Hamsters, Hamsters!, Harambe, Harambe the Gorilla, Hawk, Hawk and Owl team, Hawks, Hedgehog, Helios, Henry Steel, Herd, Hilltoppers, Hippo, Hippogriff, Hippopotamus, Hippopotamus, Hippos, Honey Badger, honey badger, Honey Badgers, Hooloovoo, Hoot Owls, Horned owl, horse form old college song, Horseshoe Crab, Hound, Howling Fantods, Humanitarians, Hungry Caterpillars, I suggest that there not be a mascot, I think the idea of a Mascot is utterly silly, I vote to keep good old Lord Jeffrey Amherst as our, mascot., Ichnologists, icicles, idea, Illuminati, Indians, Infinite Jesters, Infinities, Irradient, Irradients, James Tripaldi, Jefferson (ʺJeffʺ) Salamander, Jefferson Salamander, Jefferson Salamanders, Jeffs (salamander), Jellyfish, Jesters, Jets, Jimmy Hamilton 1905, just plain ʺThe Jeffsʺ, Kestrel, Kindlers, Knights, Knights, Koala, Kraken, Lady Elizabeth Amherst, Lady Jane Amherst, Lakers, Lamb, lamp lighters, Lamplighter, Lamplighters, Lamps, Land Sharks, Lantern, Lanterns, Lanterns or Lamps, Left Twix Bar, Lemur, Leviathan, Light, Light after Terras Irradient (The Amherst Light), Light Rays, Lightbringers, Lightening, Lightning, Lilacs, Lion, Lions, Lord Jeffrey Hamster, Lord Zephs, Lord Zephʹs, Lords, Lumens, Luminary/Luminaries, Lumineers, Lynx, Mammoth, Mammoth, Mammoths, Mammoths, Mammoths!, Mantis Shrimp, Martens, Martins, mascot should be named ʺblazeʺ  and have something, to do around  ʺterras irradientʺ or specifically with the, collegeʹs seal., Mascots, Mastadon, Mastadons, mastedon, Master Chief, Mastodon, Mastodons, Mastodons (or something dinosaur‐related), Mauve, Meiklejohn, Merlins, Meta the Mascot; i.e. The Amherst Mascot, Meteor, Meteorites, Microaggressions, Mighty Moose, Mighty Oaks, Miles, Mime, Monarchs, Moose, Moose (Alces alces), Moose (male for menʹs teams, female for womenʹs, teams), MOOSE!, Mothra, Mountaineers, Mountains, Mr. Gad, Mr. Game & Watch, Mudpuppies, Muscrat, Nabatoffs, Narwhals, Nepeta Leijon aka Arsenic Catnip, New Riders of the Purple Sage, No change, No Mascot, No mascot at all, NO MASCOT AT THIS TIME, No mascot for school, no mascot is required, needed or wanted, No mascot name at this time, No mascot! No one has mascots abroad. Letʹs do a cool, nickname., No Mascot‐‐just call all teams ʺAmherstʺ, No Mascott, No new mascot, please., Noah Webster, Noah Webster ‐ The Webbies might be used for short, noble TAKIM, None, None at all, None!, None.  ʺJust Amherst.ʺ, Northern Long‐eared Bat, Notches, Nothing., Oak Tree (Amherst Oaks), Oaks, Ocelot, Ocelots, Octagon, Octagons, Octopus, one‐eyed, one‐horned, flying purple people eaters, opals, Orcas, Otter, Owl, Owl, any species would work, Owls, P:urple Rays, Paigeʹs Horse, Panda, Particles, Pathfinders, Patriot, Patriots, PC, P‐Cʹs (Politically‐Corrects) or PeeCeeʹs, Peacocks, Peak Foliage, Peak(s), Penguin, Penguins, People (The Amherst People), Peregrine, Peregrine Falcon, Peregrine Falcon [Amherst Peregrines], Peregrines / Peregrine Falcons, Pete McLean, Phoenix, Phoenix (does not have to be traditional phoenix, colors), PHOENIX!!, Photon, Photons, Pioneer, Pioneer/s, Pioneers, Pioneers!, Pizza, Poets, Polar Bear, Polar Bears, Potato, Powerhouse, Poxers, Pride, Pride (lion), Prof. Obert, Pterodactyls, Puffins, Purp, Purple, Purple & White, Purple (and white?) Squirrel, Purple (Dairy) Farmer Named ʺJeffʺ, Purple and White, Purple and White A, Purple and Whte, Purple Asparagus, Purple Cobras, Purple Dragon, Purple dragon, Purple Dragons, Purple Eagles, Purple finch, Purple fox, Purple Frost, purple hamburger, Purple Hawks, Purple Haze, Purple Martin, Purple Martins, Purple Mavericks, Purple Moose, Purple Mountain, Purple Owl, Purple panther, Purple People Eater, Purple People Eaters, Purple People Eaters (nickname ʺPurple Peepsʺ), Purple Pines, Purple Pioneers, Purple Poets, Purple Professors, Purple Puppy, Purple Rain, PURPLE RAIN (or REIGN), Purple Rain (Reign), Purple Rain and/or Purple Reign, Purple Rays, Purple Reign, Purple Sages, Purple salamander, Purple squirrel, Purple Squirrels, Purple Squirrels, Purple Squirrels!, Purple Stallion, Purple Stars, purple sun, Purple Suns, Purple Tide, Purple Wave, Purple Wolf, Purps, Pussy cat suffering post traumatic distress, Quarks, Quasars, Rabbit, Radiance, Rainbow Squirrels, Rampant Lion, Rampant Squirrels, Rangers, raven, Ravens, Ray, Rays, Rays of Light, Rebels, Red Foxes, Red Maple tree, Red Tailed Hawk, Red Tails, Red/Grey/Purple Fox, Redskins, Red‐tailed hawk, Regulators, Reindeer, Renegades, Retired Hampshire Sheriff Robert J. Garvey, Revolution (The Amherst Revolution), Revolutionaries, Reynards, Rhinos, Rhododendron, Righters, Riptides, River Otter, River Otters, River Wolves, ROADIES, Robert Frost, Robert Frost College, Robert Frosted Tips, Robin, Robots, Rogues, Rotating charity, Royal Purple, Royals, Royals, Saber‐tooth cat, Sabertooth Tiger, Sabrina, Sabrinas, Safe Spaces, Salamander, Salamander (aka Jefferson Salamander), Salamanders, Sappho, Sasquatch, Satyrs, Schnauzers, Scholars, SCOTISH TERRIER, sea otter, sea star, Sentinels, Should not be changed, Silent Hʹs, Singers, Sloths, Smallpox, Smiling Sunburst, Snow Leopard, snowbirds, Snowflake, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Snowy Eagles, Snowy Owl, Social Justice Warriors, Socials, Sol the Merlin, sols, some sort of literary hero or heroine!, Something in the Beneski Museum, Songbird, spotted salamander, Spotted salamander, Squirels, Squirrel, Squirrels, Stag, Stallion, Star, Star Fighters, stars, stay w Lord Jeff, Stone, Story, Student, Students, Sun, Sunrays, suns, Super Soakers, Swifts, symbol of Lord Jeffery Amherst should be kept., Symbol we design, Table Tents, Taco, Tarantalasaurus‐Flex, Tardigrade, Tardigrade/Water Bear, Tazmanian devils, telescope, Terrapin, Terras, Terriers, Terry, the ʺDesideratistsʺ, the ʺFrost Heavesʺ, the ʺSt. Paulsʺ, The (Purple) Mastodon, The [Amherst] Poets, The ACES, the Airbrushes, The Amberst Octagons, The American Badger, the Amethyst, The Amherst 21ʹs, The Amherst Abolitionists, The Amherst Active Bystanders ABʹs for short, The Amherst Agents, The Amherst A‐Listers, The Amherst Amphiboles, The Amherst Antithesis, The Amherst Arrows, The Amherst Aʹs, The Amherst Asparagus, The Amherst Atoms, The Amherst Bats, a non‐specific species, or the, endangered Northern Long‐eared Bat, The Amherst Binaries, The Amherst Blisters, The Amherst Blizzard, The Amherst Butt Bussers, The Amherst Calvins, The Amherst Cariers, The Amherst College, The Amherst College ʺDicksʺ, The Amherst College ʺRangersʺ, The Amherst College Amherst Colleges, The Amherst College Bernie Sandersʹs, The Amherst College Frost, The Amherst College Lumina, The Amherst College Sabrinas, The Amherst College Sabrinas, The Amherst Dickinsons, The Amherst Drones, the Amherst Emily Dickinsons, The Amherst Endowment, The Amherst Footprint, The Amherst Freethinker, The Amherst Frost, The Amherst Frost (An ice cube or snowflake wearing, purple), The Amherst Frostbites, The Amherst Glacier, The Amherst HAMSTER, The Amherst Hamster (leading ʹHʹ is silent), The Amherst Hamsters, The Amherst Hawks, The Amherst Hills, The Amherst Indigenes, The Amherst Johnsons, The Amherst Keggers, The Amherst Liberals, The Amherst Light, The Amherst Lottery Winners, The Amherst Mammoth / Amherst Mammoths, The Amherst Mascot, The Amherst Monopoles, The Amherst Oudens, The Amherst Owl, The Amherst Owls, The Amherst Pines, The Amherst Pioneers, The Amherst Poets, The Amherst Pride, The Amherst Purple, The Amherst Purple (a nickname, not a mascot), The Amherst Rads, The Amherst Ravens, The Amherst Rays!, The Amherst Revolution, The Amherst Scholars, The Amherst Sky, ʺSkyʺ, The Amherst Spirits, The Amherst Sun, The Amherst Sun, The Amherst Suns, The Amherst Surge, The Amherst T. Rashʹem, The Amherst Terra (with mountains as photos on, uniforms, etc.), The Amherst Tradition, THE AMHERST TRAVELERS, The Amherst Valentines, The Amherst Virtuosi, The Amherst Wind, The Amherst Zir!, The Amhersts, The Amhest Pledges, The Ammies, The Apples, The Arc, The Arc Light, The Aʹs, The Astronauts (Astroʹs), The A‐Team, The Aubergines, The Awesome Asparagus, The Banana Slug, The Beechers, The Belles, The Biddies, The Biddys, The Big A, The Big ʹAʹ, The Big Purple, The Black Sheep, The Blakes, The Blankets, The Bobolink, The bones of the mammoth? or mastodon in benesky., Just the skeleton not an actual mastadon, The Bouncing Biddy6, The Buffalo, The Calvinists, The Canes or The Purple Canes, the Capitals, The Catamount, The Charge, The Chimera, The Colonials, the contenders, The Cosmos, The Cupcakes, The Dan Aykroyds, the Dickinsons, The Dinosaurs, The DINOSAURS. DINOS for short, the dogs, The Dogs, The Purple Dogs, the Emily Dickinsons, The Emilys, the Emilys (or Emilies), the endangered Pioneer Valley salamander that Prof., Jaganathan recommended in a letter to the Hampshire, Gazette, The Ephs, The Fever, The Fighting Congregationalists, The Fighting Emilys, THE FIGHTING MICROAGRESSIONS, The Fighting Moose, The Fighting Poets, The Flighting Ostrich (Volans ad strutiones), The Fox, The French and Indians, The Frost, The Frost, The Frost (or The Amherst Frost), The Frost/The Amherst College Frost, The Frosties, The Frosts, The Goats, The Grab ʹn Go guy, The Hamster, The Hamsters, The Hill, The Hilltoppers, the Hs, The Infinite Jest, The Irradients, The Jefferson Salamander, The Jeffs, The Jeffs (a TBD animal named Jeff as mascot), The Justice Warriors, The Knights, The Lady Amherst Pheasant, The Lady Dicks, The Lanterns, the letter ʺAʺ, The letters ʺPʺ and ʺCʺ, The Lightning, The Lilacs, The Lodestars, The Lord Jeff #2, the Lordʹs, The Mauve, The Mending Walls (the Walls for short), the microbes, The Mighty Oaks, the Moose, The Newfs, The Nobodies, The Non‐Functioning Fireplace, The Now, The Opossum, The Oracles, The owl‐of course!, The Owls, The Owls, The Patriot, The Pheasant, The Pioneers, The Poet, The Poets, The Poets, The Poets, The Pure Haze, The Purple, The Purple & White, The Purple Aces, The Purple and White, The Purple Dragons, The Purple Frost, The Purple Haze, The Purple Light, The Purple Martin, The Purple Martins, The Purple Moose, The Purple Nurples, The Purple Phoenix, The Purple Rain, The Purple Rays, The Purple Reign, The Purple Squirrel / The Big Purple Squirrel, the purple tide, The Purple Wave, The Queen of Sheba, The Rams, The Raptors, The Rays, The Robert Frosts, The royals, The Sabers, the Sabrinas, The Sabrinas!, The Salamanders, The Sam, The Scarab, The Semicolons, The Silent H or The Silent Hʹs, The Silent Hʹs, The Singers, The Song, The Soul, The Spark, The spectacles, The Squantos, The Star., The STARS, The Student, The Sugar‐Free Lollipops, The Sun, The Sun or a Purple Sun, The Swifts, the T Rex, The Team Formerly Known as the Lord Jeffs, The Thing with Feathers, The Thunder, The Trays, The Tree of Life, The Trumps, The Twinkies, The Tyrannosaurs, The Usual Suspects, The Variola Virus, The Warriors, The Watchtowers, The Webster, The Websters, The Whales, The Wordsmiths, The Zebra!, The Zephs, The Zephyr, THE ZEPHYR, The Zephyr (Zeph), The Zephyrs, Theropod, Theropods, Thunder, Thunderers, Thundering Herd, Tiger Beetles, Tiresias, Torch, Torchbearers and Torches.

⚠ This card has duplicate items: Amherst Frost (2), Black Bears (2), Hippopotamus (2), Knights (2), Mammoth (2), Mammoths (2), Purple Squirrels (2), Royals (2), The Amherst College Sabrinas (2), The Amherst Sun (2), The Frost (2), The Owls (2), The Poets (3)

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