You reallydon't getalong with aspecificteacherYou have to getto your doctor'soffice, but youdo not know thedirectionsYou didn'tbuy enoughsnacks for aparty youplannedYou twistedyour anklewhile homealoneYou feel likeyou'recoming downwith a coldSomeonetakes yourgym uniformwhile you're inthe bathroomIt's a beautifulday out, andyou don't feellike going toschoolYour dogscratches upyour mom'sfavoritesweaterYou have ahuge paper duetomorrow andare asked towork anevening shiftYour phonebroke andyou do nothave analarm clockYour friend ismad at youbecausesomeone toldher that youstole from herYou really likesomeone whodoes notreturn yourfeelingsYouaccidentallysat in syrupon the trainto schoolYou forgotyournewsletter athome andcan't get itsigned fortomorrowYou had waytoo muchcoffee, but youmust go tosleep for anearly wake-upYou forgotyourprofessor'se-mailaddressYou fallasleep onthe bus andend up in anunfamiliarplaceYou lostyourphone onthe CTAIt is 2AM andyou still do notget a chemistryproblem duetomorrowYour friend whois allergic tonutsaccidentallyeats a peanutbutter cookieA group offriends at aparty ispressuring youto try an illegaldrugYou want tostart beingphysicallyactive, but youdo not knowany exercisesYour bestfriend begsyou to let himcopy yourhomeworkTwo of yourfriends areplanning onfighting eachother outside ofschool

Problem Bingo (Pringo!) - Call List

(Print) Use this randomly generated list as your call list when playing the game. There is no need to say the BINGO column name. Place some kind of mark (like an X, a checkmark, a dot, tally mark, etc) on each cell as you announce it, to keep track. You can also cut out each item, place them in a bag and pull words from the bag.

  1. You really don't get along with a specific teacher
  2. You have to get to your doctor's office, but you do not know the directions
  3. You didn't buy enough snacks for a party you planned
  4. You twisted your ankle while home alone
  5. You feel like you're coming down with a cold
  6. Someone takes your gym uniform while you're in the bathroom
  7. It's a beautiful day out, and you don't feel like going to school
  8. Your dog scratches up your mom's favorite sweater
  9. You have a huge paper due tomorrow and are asked to work an evening shift
  10. Your phone broke and you do not have an alarm clock
  11. Your friend is mad at you because someone told her that you stole from her
  12. You really like someone who does not return your feelings
  13. You accidentally sat in syrup on the train to school
  14. You forgot your newsletter at home and can't get it signed for tomorrow
  15. You had way too much coffee, but you must go to sleep for an early wake-up
  16. You forgot your professor's e-mail address
  17. You fall asleep on the bus and end up in an unfamiliar place
  18. You lost your phone on the CTA
  19. It is 2AM and you still do not get a chemistry problem due tomorrow
  20. Your friend who is allergic to nuts accidentally eats a peanut butter cookie
  21. A group of friends at a party is pressuring you to try an illegal drug
  22. You want to start being physically active, but you do not know any exercises
  23. Your best friend begs you to let him copy your homework
  24. Two of your friends are planning on fighting each other outside of school