Send in a list of 5websites (differenttypes of companies)that you love anddetails (thought-out)on WHY you lovethem.Create and shareyour 2020 goalstemplate onInstagram stories(attached toemail.)Share (onLinkedIn)“HappyHolidays fromJBC.” (G on12/20)Get 3 reviews onyour company’sdesignated socialreview pages.(Google,Glassdoor, Yelp,etc.)Send in a photowith your revealed“SecretSanta/HanukkahHarry” partner!(12/11)Share (onLinkedIn) do youfollow JBC___(your respectivecompany) onLinkedIn? (G on12/9)Send in afunny“Overheardat JBC.”Send in ameme-ableJBC photoWITHcaption!Get yourheadshotduring thedesignatedoffice shoot(12/9 & 12/11).Send in 5photos withJBCers/JPersfrom OUTSIDEof your regularoffice.Send in a#JBCdogsphoto that isholidaythemed!Write approvedblog idea forStyleCareers(must alsocomplete “BlogIdea” challenge).Provide a blogidea forStyleCareers(in depth andthought out.)Grab a coffee andsend in a photowith someonefrom outside ofyour office ANDteam!Get 10 newfollowers onyour designatedcompanyInstagram.Create and shareyour 2019reflection templateon Instagramstories (attachedto email.)Post a photo fromthe holiday partyand tag@TeamJBC andyour respectivecompany (12/11).Share (onLinkedIn) doyou followJBC____ onInstagram? (Gon 12/9)Attend anevent relevantto work andsend in aphoto!Send in a currentOOO photo withyour team doing aholiday activity/orat a holiday-ylocation!Write apersonalizedrecommendationon LinkedIn for 5co-workers.Post a photo (on yourfeed) from Holiday ofHope using the#HolidayOfHope19 andtagging @TeamJBCand your respectivecompany.Send in teamphoto dressedup for “UglySweater Day”(12/20.)Donate 5 wintergarments to anunderprivilegedcommunity nearyou.Endorse 15skills of co-workers onLinkedIn.

Untitled Bingo - Call List

(Print) Use this randomly generated list as your call list when playing the game. There is no need to say the BINGO column name. Place some kind of mark (like an X, a checkmark, a dot, tally mark, etc) on each cell as you announce it, to keep track. You can also cut out each item, place them in a bag and pull words from the bag.

  1. Send in a list of 5 websites (different types of companies) that you love and details (thought-out) on WHY you love them.
  2. Create and share your 2020 goals template on Instagram stories (attached to email.)
  3. Share (on LinkedIn) “Happy Holidays from JBC.” (G on 12/20)
  4. Get 3 reviews on your company’s designated social review pages. (Google, Glassdoor, Yelp, etc.)
  5. Send in a photo with your revealed “Secret Santa/Hanukkah Harry” partner! (12/11)
  6. Share (on LinkedIn) do you follow JBC___ (your respective company) on LinkedIn? (G on 12/9)
  7. Send in a funny “Overheard at JBC.”
  8. Send in a meme-able JBC photo WITH caption!
  9. Get your headshot during the designated office shoot (12/9 & 12/11).
  10. Send in 5 photos with JBCers/JPers from OUTSIDE of your regular office.
  11. Send in a #JBCdogs photo that is holiday themed!
  12. Write approved blog idea for StyleCareers (must also complete “Blog Idea” challenge).
  13. Provide a blog idea for StyleCareers (in depth and thought out.)
  14. Grab a coffee and send in a photo with someone from outside of your office AND team!
  15. Get 10 new followers on your designated company Instagram.
  16. Create and share your 2019 reflection template on Instagram stories (attached to email.)
  17. Post a photo from the holiday party and tag @TeamJBC and your respective company (12/11).
  18. Share (on LinkedIn) do you follow JBC____ on Instagram? (G on 12/9)
  19. Attend an event relevant to work and send in a photo!
  20. Send in a current OOO photo with your team doing a holiday activity/or at a holiday-y location!
  21. Write a personalized recommendation on LinkedIn for 5 co-workers.
  22. Post a photo (on your feed) from Holiday of Hope using the #HolidayOfHope19 and tagging @TeamJBC and your respective company.
  23. Send in team photo dressed up for “Ugly Sweater Day” (12/20.)
  24. Donate 5 winter garments to an underprivileged community near you.
  25. Endorse 15 skills of co-workers on LinkedIn.