Disney Cruise Bingo - Call List

(Print) Use this randomly generated list as your call list when playing the game. There is no need to say the BINGO column name. Cross out each word as you announce it, to keep track. You can also cut out each item, place them in a bag and pull words from the bag.

  1. Preludes
  2. Parrot Cay
  3. Hidden Mickey
  4. Passing Boat/Ship
  5. Minnie Mouse
  6. Peter Pan
  7. Pluto's Dog House
  8. Take the Elevator
  9. Buena Visa Theatre
  10. Take the Stairs
  11. Mickey Mouse
  12. Navigator
  13. Disney Villain
  14. Towel Animal
  15. Captain Mickey
  16. Beach Blanket Buffet
  17. Mickey Bar
  18. Disney Princess
  19. Room Service
  20. Life Boat
  21. Animator's Palate
  22. Donald Duck
  23. Goofy
  24. Captain Hook