Hallmark Christmas Movie Bingo - Call List

(Print) Use this randomly generated list as your call list when playing the game. There is no need to say the BINGO column name. Cross out each word as you announce it, to keep track. You can also cut out each item, place them in a bag and pull words from the bag.

  1. Buying a Christmas tree
  2. Decorating the Christmas tree
  3. Engaged on Christmas!
  4. Ornament making
  5. Holiday children's show
  6. Selfies!
  7. Baking, cookies, gingerbread
  8. Royalty!
  9. "My parents are dead."
  10. A main character sings
  11. Someone HATES Christmas!
  12. Fired for Christmas!
  13. Christmas Wish
  14. Ice skating
  15. Christmas Wedding!
  16. Mention of social media
  17. Single parent
  18. Cute kid(s) as main characters
  19. Holiday name like Nick, Holly, Carol, etc.
  20. Snow falls
  21. Mistletoe
  22. Instant job offer elsewhere, starts Jan. 1
  23. Crafting is part of the plot
  24. Santa has a son or daughter