Safety Bingo

Safety Bingo is a great addition to your occupational safety incentive program. You can be OSHA compliant, have fun, and promote a safe and positive workplace. Not only does safety bingo encourage team involvement and raise safety awareness, it also provides an inexpensive way to potentially save your company thousands of dollars.

There's no need to buy an expensive safety bingo program or purchase stacks of paper bingo cards. Bingo Baker allows you to quickly create a safety bingo game that you can print from your own office. Your employees can even participate in safety bingo using just their phones.

WHMIS Bingo Card

How Safety Bingo Works

Safety bingo is a great way to keep track of work injuries and incentivize workplace safety.

  1. Sign up for a Bingo Baker account.
  2. Generate or find a bingo card for your safety bingo game.
  3. Print out your bingo cards or send your team the bingo URL to play virtually. Bingo Baker generates a unique bingo card for each player so you don't need to worry about duplicate cards.
  4. Begin your game with a base prize of $20 (for example).
  5. Every injury-free workday, call an item from the provided call list, and add money to the prize ($1 to $10 is common).
  6. Your workers can mark that item on their bingo card if they have it.
  7. Continue playing the game daily for a maximum of 30 days (for example) or until someone gets a bingo.
  8. If there is an injury that results in time away from work, you can remove a fixed amount of money from the prize, cut the prize by a percentage, or reset the prize back to the base amount.
  9. If you have reached the end of a 30 day period and someone still hasn't gotten a bingo, call items from the call list until someone wins.
  10. To start a new game either print out a new batch of bingo cards, have your players virtually generate a new bingo card, or simply re-shuffle your call list.

These are just example rules. You will need to adjust them for your company.

Sample Safety Bingo Cards

Feel free to use any of the sample bingo cards below to conduct your safety bingo game. You can also copy them and customize them for your company.

Generate Your Own Bingo Cards

Use the Bingo Baker bingo card generator to create your own bingo card with your own words, numbers, pictures and colors.

Is Safety Bingo OSHA Compliant?

An OSHA memo from 2016 contained language which banned rate based incentive programs that withheld or reduced a prize because of a reported safety incident, injury or illness. But in a 2018, OSHA clarified its stance:

Incentive programs can be an important tool to promote workplace safety and health...Another type of incentive program is rate-based and focuses on reducing the number of reported injuries and illnesses. This type of program typically rewards employees with a prize or bonus at the end of an injury-free month or evaluates managers based on their work unit's lack of injuries. Rate-based incentive programs are also permissible under § 1904.35(b)(1)(iv) as long as they are not implemented in a manner that discourages reporting. Thus, if an employer takes a negative action against an employee under a rate-based incentive program, such as withholding a prize or bonus because of a reported injury, OSHA would not cite the employer under § 1904.35(b)(1)(iv) as long as the employer has implemented adequate precautions to ensure that employees feel free to report an injury or illness.

Be sure you read and understand all the OSHA rules regarding rate-based incentive programs before starting your game, including the Clarification of OSHA's Position on Workplace Safety Incentive Programs.

Safety Bingo Tips

More Help

Bingo Baker doesn't endorse any particular way of playing safety bingo. It's up to you to decide how you want to play your game in compliance with OSHA rules. But there is a general help page, and specific instructions for conducting a bingo online.