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Music Bingo
has watched the Grammy Awards sings out loud when alone likes rock music likes music from other countries has seen a musical
have you stopped to listen to a street musician likes to dance to music would like to take music lessons has attended a live concert plays a musical instrument
likes American pop music likes classical music Free! listens to the radio sing karaoke
listens to music on their phone likes rap music listens to music while studying have played in a band likes Michael Jackson
would like to go to a concert in the U.S. has performed in a concert listens to music to relax has sang in a chorus listens to the radio

This bingo card has the words: listens to the radio, has attended a live concert, would like to go to a concert in the U.S., listens to music to relax, likes rock music, has seen a musical, would like to take music lessons, likes Michael Jackson, has performed in a concert, listens to music while studying, sings out loud when alone, likes rap music, likes to dance to music, listens to music on their phone, have you stopped to listen to a street musician, likes American pop music, has watched the Grammy Awards, plays a musical instrument, sing karaoke, has sang in a chorus, have played in a band, listens to the radio, likes music from other countries, likes classical music

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