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Tip: If you want your game to last longer (on average), add more words/images to it.

likes rap music has played in a band or orchestra listens to music on their phone sings out loud when alone has seen a musical
likes American pop music has taken music lessons likes classical music has attended a live concert would like to go to a concert in the U.S.
listens to music while studying has heard of Woodstock FREE! likes Michael Jackson likes rock and roll
has attended a musical play performed in a musical play likes to dance to music has attended a classical concert wants to take music lessons
has attended a band concert listens to music to relax has attended a concert in the U.S. listens to the radio knows who Jimmy Hendrix is

This bingo card has the words: has taken music lessons, has played in a band or orchestra, has attended a concert in the U.S., likes to dance to music, likes classical music, likes rock and roll, has seen a musical, would like to go to a concert in the U.S., listens to music while studying, likes Michael Jackson, has attended a band concert, performed in a musical play, likes American pop music, has attended a musical play, sings out loud when alone, wants to take music lessons, likes rap music, has attended a classical concert, has heard of Woodstock, has attended a live concert, knows who Jimmy Hendrix is, listens to music to relax, listens to music on their phone, listens to the radio

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