Math Unit 3 and 4 Review

Math Unit 3 and 4 Review Bingo Card

This bingo card has a free space and 24 words: 1. A high school band purchased 560 black and gold balloons to release at the homecoming football game. Each balloon costs $1.50. They would like to have the same number of balloons released from each of the 8 sections in the stadium. How man, 2. Mr. McGough drives is police car 309 miles every week. If he does this for 10 weeks, how many miles does he drive?, 3. Yusi wants to make a scrapbook of her favorite baseball team. She wants to put seven pictures and two titles on each page. If she has 126 photos, how many pages will she need?, 4. A farm delivers a total of 987 pumpkins and 294 bales of hay to several local grocery stores. If each store receives 7 bales, how many stores received the hay?, 5. Aubre has 18 baskets of apples. Christina has 4 times as many baskets. If there are 15 apples in each basket, how many apples does Christina have?, 6. Rene is saving his money to buy a new iPod touch. The iPod touch he wants costs $250. He has saved $98 already. If he saves $8 each week, how many weeks will it take him to save enough money to buy the iPod?, 7. Leslie bought 4 boxes of markers to share with 3 friends. Each box contained 16 markers. How many markers did Leslie buy?, 8. Jonathan practiced his multiplication facts for 5 minutes every day for three weeks. How many minutes did he practice them during the three weeks?, 9. Mike used 324 blocks to create towers. He used 9 blocks for each tower. How many towers did he create?, 10. Marvin is bringing popsicles to school for his birthday. There are 78 students in 4th grade. If each box contains 12 popsicles, how many boxes will he need to bring?, 11. A video game store ordered 15 boxes of new video games. Each box contained 40 games. How many total games did they order?, 12. The school debate team had a carwash to raise money for a field trip. They washed 36 cars. If they washed 6 cars per hour, how many hours did they wash cars?, 23. Two adults and 13 children are going on a camping trip. They need to buy one sleeping bag for each person. Each sleeping bag costs $30. What is total cost of the sleeping bags?, 13. Ms. Carter’s 4th grade class is going to a play. Each ticket costs $12. If they need to buy 26 tickets, how much money will they spend?, 14. A cafeteria manager can buy bananas in 12-pound boxes.If the manager purchases 100 boxes of bananas in a year, how many pounds of bananas would she purchase?, 15. A case of apple juice contains 16 bottles. If there are 48 cases of juice, about how many bottles are there?, 16. Mr. Walker is putting 98 books on bookshelves in his classroom. If he has 6 shelves, how many books will be on each shelf?, 17. Amy has 567 beads to make necklaces. If each necklace will use 8 beads, how many necklaces can she make?, 18. Mrs. Smith is packing up all of the books in her classroom. She has 57 textbooks to be packed into boxes that hold 6 books each. She will put the leftover books into a bag. How many books will be in the bag?, 19. A season pass at a waterpark costs $100. A total of 125 people paid for a season pass. What was the total cost of these season passes?, 20. Nathan washes 26 cars each day he works at a car wash. He worked 34 days during the summer. About how many cars did Nathan wash during these 34 days?, 21. Jim baked sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies. He baked 8 sugar cookies and 3 times as many peanut butter cookies. What is the total number of cookies that Jim baked?, 22. The list below shows the number of picture frames Shelly sold on each day of an art sale. ● She sold 16 picture frames on Thursday. ● She sold 22 picture frames on Friday. ● She sold 25 picture frames on Saturday. The cost of each picture f and 24. Eugene has 672 rocks in a jar. He wants to sort all of the rocks into 9 smaller boxes. How many rocks will fit each small box?.

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