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Farm Fresh & Fast BINGO
Know a Local Farmer Read Children's Book on Veggies Have Used FFF Brochures Visited a Farmers Market Conducted Food Demos
Shopped at Local Farmers Market Has Cooked with a Child Grown Vegetables Eat Green Veggies Cook with Herbs
Heard of UGA Cooperative Extension Eat Red Veggies FREE! Led Food Related Activity Provided Recipes to Clients
Preserve Food by Freezing Searched internet for Farmers Market Ideas Eat Yellow Veggies Plan menu with Seasonal Produce Participated in Taste Test
Cook Fresh Vegetables Been on a Farm Tour Made Your Own Salsa Preserve Food by Canning Connected with a Local Chef

This bingo card has the words: Have Used FFF Brochures, Eat Green Veggies, Has Cooked with a Child, Been on a Farm Tour, Heard of UGA Cooperative Extension, Know a Local Farmer, Preserve Food by Freezing, Cook with Herbs, Connected with a Local Chef, Cook Fresh Vegetables, Searched internet for Farmers Market Ideas, Visited a Farmers Market, Provided Recipes to Clients, Eat Red Veggies, Conducted Food Demos, Made Your Own Salsa, Preserve Food by Canning, Participated in Taste Test, Led Food Related Activity, Read Children's Book on Veggies, Plan menu with Seasonal Produce, Eat Yellow Veggies, Grown Vegetables, Shopped at Local Farmers Market

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